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Advanced Joint

60 Tablets | $29.98

Advanced Joint Complex™
 is a 100% Food supplement that is intended to supply nutrients, glandulars, and herbs needed to maintain optimal joint health. 

Herbs, like devil’s claw, have long been used to support joint health.

B Stress

60 Capsules | $30.98

B Stress Complex™ is a 100% vegetarian Food supplement that is intended to supply 100% Food B vitamins.

Unlike certain so called “whole food” B vitamin sources, it does not contain isolated USP niacinamide, pyridoxine hydrochloride, or any isolated “nutrients”.


C Complex™

60 T | $27.98 • 180 T | $71.98

C Complex™ is a 100% vegan Food supplement that is intended to supply 100% Food vitamin C. 

Unlike some other so-called “whole food” vitamins for supporting cardiovascular, immune,  and other systems, it does not contain any isolated ascorbic acid. 


Cal-Mag Complex™

60 T | $33.98 • 180 T | $84.98

Cal-Mag Complex™ is a 100% vegan Food supplement that is intended to supply 100% Food minerals and vitamins to support optimal bone health.

It contains no mineral salts like most “natural” comparable products do as the consumption of crushed rocks is not optimal for long-term health.


Calcium Complex™

60 T | $23.98 • 180 T | $59.98

Calcium Complex™ is a 100% vegan Food supplement that is intended to supply 100% Food (plant source) calcium. 

Research has shown in groups of people who consume 300 mgs of Food calcium per day or less from plant sources that they have low incidences of osteoporosis. 

Choline Complex™

180 Tablets | $33.98

Choline Complex™ is a 100% vegetarian Food supplement that is intended to supply real food choline. Choline has been considered as a type of B vitamin.

Choline is required to make phospholipids and other substances necessary for all cell membranes, including myelin sheath which covers nerve cells. 


D Complex™

90 Capsules | $32.98​

D Complex™ is a 100% vegan Food supplement that is intended to supply 100% FOOD vitamin D.  Vitamin D helps with the absorption of food calcium and even has hormone-like functions within the human body. 

Studies have shown that FOOD vitamin D is at least 10 times as effective to prevent rickets than a USP form.


Inositol Complex™

180 Tablets | $36.98

Inositol Complex™ was once called vitamin B-8. It is a lipotrophic factor, a chelater, and seems to have positive effects on the immune system. 

It also shares many of choline’s functions. 

Supports emotional well being, it eases stress and anxiety, promotes positive mood and has a lipotrophic factor.


Magnesium Complex™

60 T | $25.98 • 240 T | $68.98

Magnesium Complex™ is a 100% vegan FOOD supplement that is intended to supply 100% Food magnesium.

Magnesium is involved in 300 enzymatic steps in which components of food are metabolized and new products are formed.

Zinc Complex™

90 Capsules | $19.98

Zinc Complex™ is a 100% vegetarian FOOD supplement to supply nutrients needed to provide high quality 100% Food organic zinc

Zinc serves a catalytic role in enzymes from all six classes of enzymes. 

FOOD RESEARCH has a list of Product Equivalents, e. g. Standard Process, Nutri-West, Medi-Herb etc.

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