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Inositol Complex™

Inositol was once called vitamin B-8. It is a lipotrophic factor, a chelater, and seems to have positive effects on the immune system. It also shares many of choline’s functions.

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Vegetarian Formula


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The plant source inositol known as phytate [1] “has strong chelating power for doubly charged metal ions” and “is a putative antiproliferative agent and may have antioxidant activity” [1].  Thus, inositol in Saccharomyces cerevisiae is preferred by some for its chelating abilities.  

Inositol is involved with the formation of phospholipids as well as cholesterol metabolism. Inositol phospholipids are integral parts of cellular and subcellular membranes and modulate many enzymes including adenosine triphosphate (ATP). 

[1] Hendler SS, Rorvik DM.  PDR for Nutritional Supplements, 2nd edition.  Thomson Reuters, 2008, Montvale (NJ)  

Other ingredients: Fatty Acid from Palm Kernel, Vegetarian Coating, Enzymatically processed Saccharomyces Cerevisiae.
Suggested use: Serving size or as recommended by your health care professional. Adjust usage according to nutritional lifestyle requirements.

No Synthetic Nutrients  •  No Dairy  •  No Preservatives

* This is a nutritional product and not a medication intended to prevent, treat, or cure any illness. None of these statements has been approved by the US FDA or similar agencies. Not all citations meet peer-reviewed status so the statements are not conclusive. Professionals can, and do, disagree, regarding efficacy of ingredients in nutritional formulas.

Disclaimer: Some of these studies (or citations) may not confom to peer review standards. Therefore, the results are not conclusive. Profressionals can, and often do, come to different conclusions when reviewing scientific data. None of these statements have been reviewed by the FDA.

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