Product Equivalents


No two products are identical if made by different manufacturers and some are more “equivalent” than others. Unlike Nutri-West, Food Research products, for example, do not contain any isolated USP vitamins nor industrial mineral salt ‘nutrients.’ Also, Standard Process Laboratories sometimes uses porcine glandulars, USP vitamins, claimed mineral salts, and/or colors, whereas none of these are in Food Research International products. 

It should be noted that Standard Process uses its trademarked term “Protomorphogen” (which it abbreviates PMG) for some items and Food Research International uses the term Cytotrophin (the original term that Royal Lee received his patents with, but that Food Research International has permission to use), for some similar items.

As a general rule, products listed below as “Vegetarian” can take longer to notice efficacy in  some cases than those with glandulars. Because Food Research nutrients are ALWAYS 100% FOOD and the other brands are not, Food Research products are always better in that way to products that seem to be ‘equivalent.’ 

Nutri-West – Food Research: List of Product Equivalents

Nutri-West (*) Food Research International Food Research International Vegetarian
Adreno-Lyph-160 Simply Adrenal Vegetarian Adrenal
Adreno-Lyph-Para High Stress Adrenal Vegetarian Adrenal
Adreno-Lyph-Sym Anxie-Tone Vegetarian Adrenal
Allerhale Aller-Lung Support Aller-Lung Support
Amino All Intracellular Cough Vitamin-Mineral Shake
Anxiolix Anxie-Tone Vegetarian Tryptophan
Aspartic Chrom Gluco-Sugar-Balance Gluco-Sugar-Balance
Aspartic Mag Magnesium Complex Magnesium Complex
Aspartic Multi-Min Vitamin-Mineral Vitamin-Mineral
B Complex B Stress Complex B Stress Complex
Beta-C-TR C Complex C Complex
Biostress-B Anxie-Tone B Stress Complex
Black Currant Seed Oil Le Feminine Advantage Wheat Germ Oil E
Black Walnut Para-Dysbio-Zyme Para-Dysbio-Zyme
Brain Plus Serious Brain Enhancer Vegetarian Tyrosine
C-1000-TR C Complex C Complex
CAL-MAG 1:1 Calcium Complex and Magnesium Complex Calcium Complex and Magnesium Complex
Calcium Lactate Cal-Mag Complex Cal-Mag Complex
Cand-Ex Probio-Zyme-Yst Probio-Zyme-Yst
Carbo-Met Gluco-Sugar-Balance Gluco-Sugar-Balance
Cardioplex Cardio-Power CoQ10-Cardio
Chewable C-500 C Complex C Complex
China West #6 Xanthium Formula Vira-Chron Vira-Chron
Chloroplex Green Vegetable Alkalizer Green Vegetable Alkalizer
CLM-NRV Anxie-Tone Vegetarian Tryptophan
Con-Lyph Conga-Immune Vira-Bac-Yst
Co Q 10-Plus CoQ10-Cardio CoQ10-Cardio
Complete Brain Charge Serious Brain Enhancer Vegetarian Tyrosine
Complete Child DHA/EPA Omega 3 EPA/DHA Wheat Germ Oil E
Complete Neuro Anxie-Tone Vegetarian Tryptophan
Core Level Adrenal High Stress Adrenal Vegetarian Adrenal
Core Level Bile GB Support Pro-Enzymes
Core Level Bone Matrix Cal-Mag Complex Cal-Mag Complex
Core Level C-TR Herbal Antioxidant C Complex
Core Level D-Tox Detox-N-Cleanse Detox-N-Cleanse
Core Level Health Reserve Vitamin-Mineral Vitamin-Mineral
Core Level Heart Cardio-Power CoQ10-Cardio
Core Level Kidney. Uro-Kid Support Green Vegetable Alkalizer
Core Level Liver Liva-Detox & Support Detox-N-Cleanse
Core Level Lung Simply Lung, plus Aller-Lung Support Aller-Lung Support
Core Level Magnesium Magnesium Complex Magnesium Complex
Core Level Manganese Cal-Mag Complex Cal-Mag Complex
Core Level Orchic Prosta-Power or Simply Orchic Libida-Life, plus Zinc Complex
Core Level Ovary Le Feminine Advantage or Simply Ovary Libida-Life
Core Level Pancreas Digesti-Pan or Simply Pancreas Pro-Enzymes
Core Level Pituitary Migratrol Vegetarian Thyro
Core Level Potassium Uro-Kid Support or Green Vegetable Alkalizer Green Vegetable Alkalizer
Core Level Prostate Prosta-Power Libida-Life, plus Zinc Complex
Core Level RNA Serious Brain Enhancer Vegetarian Tryptophan
Core Level Thymus Thymo-Immune Vira-Bac-Yst
Core Level Thyro Metabolic Thyro or Vegetarian Thyro Vegetarian Thyro
Core Level Uterus Le Feminine Advantage or Simply Uterus Libida-Life
Core Level Zinc Herbal Antioxidant or Zinc Complex Herbal Antioxidant or Zinc Complex
DHEA-25 High Stress Adrenal or Simply Adrenal Vegetarian Adrenal
Digest Plus Digesti-Pan Pro-Enzymes
Disc-Zyme Inflam-Enzymes Inflam-Enzymes
DIU-Plus Arginase Bladder or Uro-Kid Support Green Vegetable Alkalizer
DSF Formula Anxie-Tone Vegetarian Adrenal
E-Tocotrienols Selenium E Selenium E
Echinacea Conga-Immune Vira-Bac-Yst and Zinc Complex
Enzyme Forte Simply Pancreas Pro-Enzymes
Exspore Probio-Zyme-Yst Probio-Zyme-Yst
Eyebright Plus Complete Eye Health Herbal Antioxidant
F-Complex Omega 3 EPA/DHA Wheat Germ Oil E
Fem-Plus Le Feminine Advantage Libida-Life
Ferrous-Fumaro Hematic Formula Hematic Formula
Flualgia Thymo-Immune Vira-Bac-Yst
#3 GB-LIV GB Support Pro-Enzymes
GB-Plus GB Support Pro-Enzymes
GH-Choline Choline Complex Choline Complex
Glan-Plus-F Le Feminine Advantage Libida-Life
Glyco-Lyph Gluco-Sugar-Balance Gluco-Sugar-Balance
Greens Renew Powder Vitamin-Mineral Shake Vitamin-Mineral Shake
Hemo-Lyph Hematic Formula Hematic Formula
Homocysteine Redux Vitamin B-6, B-12, & Folate Vitamin B-6, B-12, & Folate
HPZ Vira-Chron Vira-Chron
Hyper-D Pro-Enzymes, plus Simply Pancreas Pro-Enzymes
Hypo-D Digesti-Pan Pro-Enzymes
Immu-Bac Thymo-Immune Vira-Bac-Yst
Immuno-Plus Thymo-Immune Vira-Bac-Yst
Iodine Rescue Vegetarian Thyro Vegetarian Thyro
ISB Formula Thymo-Immune or Intracellular Cough Vira-Bac-Yst, plus Vitamin-Mineral
Liga-PN Inflam-Enzymes or Advanced Joint Complex Inflam-Enzymes or Cal-Mag Complex
Lipotrophic Plus Cholester-Right Cholester-Right
Liva-Lyph Simply Liver Pro-Enzymes
LNG RESP Simply Lung, plus Aller-Lung Support Aller-Lung Support
LIV-GB Plus GB Support Pro-Enzymes
L-Tyrosine-S Vegetarian Tyrosine Vegetarian Tyrosine
Lyso-Lyph-Forte Inflam-Enzymes Inflam-Enzymes
Magnesium Chelate Magnesium Complex Magnesium Complex
Menopause Le Feminine Advantage Libida-Life
Multibalance Vitamin-Mineral Vitamin-Mineral
Multi-Gland Complex Intracellular Cough Vitamin-Mineral Shake
Ovary-Lyph-F Simply Ovary Libida-Life
Pan-Lyph Simply Pancreas Pro-Enzymes
Pan-Lyph Chelate Simply Pancreas, plus Zinc Complex Pro-Enzymes
Parazym-A Para-Dysbio-Zyme Para-Dysbio-Zyme
Parotid-Lyph Complete Smell & Taste Zinc Complex, plus Magnesium Complex
Pineal Lyph Restful Mind Support Vegetarian Tryptophan
Pit-Lyph-Anterior Migratrol Vegetarian Thyro
Pit-Lyph-Whole Migratrol Vegetarian Thyro
Pre/Post Natal Vitamin-Mineral Vitamin-Mineral
Pro-Cortisol Balance Anxie-Tone or Restful Mind Support Vegetarian Tryptophan
Prosta-Plus Prosta-Power Libida-Life, plus Zinc Complex
Prostate Support Prosta-Power Libida-Life, plus Zinc Complex
RNA-DNA-Plus Serious Brain Enhancer Vegetarian Tryptophan, plus Selenium E
Rutin Plus Herbal Antioxidant or Vira-Bac-Yst Herbal Antioxidant or Vira-Bac-Yst
Sago-C-500 C Complex C Complex
Selenium Chelate Selenium E Selenium E
Sino-Lung Formula Vira-Bac-Yst or Aller-Lung Support Vira-Bac-Yst or Aller-Lung Support
Spleeno-Lyph Simply Spleen Detox-N-Cleanse
T-Lyph Simply Thyroid Vegetarian Thyro
Thymo-Lyph Simply Thymus Vira-Bac-Yst
Thyro-Plus Vegetarian Thyro Vegetarian Thyro
Tillandsia B12 Complete Ear Health Vitamin B-6, B-12, & Folate
Total 5-HTP Restful Mind Support Vegetarian Tryptophan
Total Enzymes Pro-Enzyme Pro-Enzymes
Total Eyebright C Complete Ear Health Herbal Antioxidant
Total Eyebright M Complete Eye Health Herbal Antioxidant
Total Fem-Bal Le Feminine Advantage Libida-Life
Total Flu-Cdl #1 Thymo-Immune Vira-Bac-Yst
Total Green Green Vegetable Alkalizer or Vitamin-Mineral Shake Green Vegetable Alkalizer or Vitamin-Mineral Shake
Total Heart Cardio-Power CoQ10-Cardio
Total Leaky Gut Probio-Zyme-Yst Probio-Zyme-Yst
Total Lipotrophic Cholester-Right Cholester-Right
Total Liver D-Tox Liva-Detox & Support Detox-N-Cleanse
Total Male Prosta-Power Libida-Life, plus Zinc Complex
Total Multimmune Thymo-Immune Vira-Bac-Yst
Total Probiotics Probio-Zyme-Yst Probio-Zyme-Yst
Total Systemic D-tox Detox-N-Cleanse Detox-N-Cleanse
Total Thyroid #2 Metabolic Thyro Vegetarian Thyro
Total VR-X Vira-Chron Vira-Chron
Total Yst Redux Probio-Zyme-Yst Probio-Zyme-Yst
Trace Min Plus Vitamin-Mineral Vitamin-Mineral
#12 UR-Kid Arginase Bladder Green Vegetable Alkalizer
Uro-Bac Uro-Kid Support Green Vegetable Alkalizer
Vana-Chrom Gluco-Sugar-Balance Gluco-Sugar-Balance
Vermafuge-AG Para-Dysbio-Zyme Para-Dysbio-Zyme
Virex Vira-Chron Vira-Chron
Vitamin D3-400 D Complex D Complex
Whole System Fem-H Le Feminine Advantage Libida-Life
Whole System Histo-Zym Aller-Lung Support Aller-Lung Support
Whole System Intra-Bac Intracellular Cough Vira-Bac-Yst
Whole System Kidney Uro-Kid Support Green Vegetable Alkalizer
Whole System Liver Liva-Detox & Support Detox-N-Cleanse
Whole System Thymus Complex Thymo-Immune Vira-Bac-Yst
Whole System Yst GB Support Probio-Zyme-Yst
Yst-Dysbio-Cleans Probio-Zyme-Yst Probio-Zyme-Yst
Zinc Chelate Zinc Complex Zinc Complex

Medi Herb – Food Research: List of Product Equivalents

Medi-Herb (*) Food Research International Food Research International Vegetarian
Adrenal Complex Vegetarian Adrenal Vegetarian Adrenal
Albizia Complex Aller-Lung Support Aller-Lung Support
Bacopa Complex Serious Brain Enhancer Vegetarian Tyrosine
Berberine Complex Gluco-Sugar-Balance Gluco-Sugar-Balance
Bilberry Complete Eye Health Herbal Antioxidant
Bone Complex Cal-Mag Complex Cal-Mag Complex
Boswellia Complex Uro-Kid Support Herbal Antioxidant
Broncafect Intracellular Cough Aller-Lung Support
Broncafect Phytosynergist Intracellular Cough Aller-Lung Support
Burdock Complex Para-Dysbio-Zyme Para-Dysbio-Zyme
Capsella Complex Phytosynergist Vegetarian Thyro and Simply Uterus Vegetarian Thyro and Magnesium Complex
Cat’s Claw Forte Aller-Lung Support Aller-Lung Support or Green Vegetable Alkalizer
Chaste Tree Le Feminine Advantage Vegetarian Thyro
ChelaCo Detox-N-Cleanse Detox-N-Cleanse
Colax GB Support Green Vegetable Alkalizer
Coleus Forte Metabolic Thyro Vegetarian Thyro
Cramplex Simply Thyroid Magnesium Complex
Cranberry Complex Arginase Bladder Vira-Bac-Yst
DermaCo Liva-DeTox & Support Detox-N-Cleanse
DiGest Digesti-Pan Pro-Enzymes
DiGest Phytosynergist Digesti-Pan Pro-Enzymes
Echinacea Premium Conga-Immune Vira-Bac-Yst and Zinc Complex
Eleuthero Anxie-Tone Vegetarian Tryptophan
Euphrasia Complex Thymo-Immune or Complete Eye Health Aller-Lung Support
Evening Primrose Oil Le Feminine Advantage Wheat Germ Oil E
Fe-Max Iron Tonic Phytosyn. Hematic Formula Hematic Formula
FemCo Le Feminine Advantage Libida-Life
Ganoderma & Shiitake Conga-Immune Vira-Bac-Yst and Zinc Complex
Garlic Forte Cholester-Right Cholester-Right
Ginkgo Forte Serious Brain Enhancer Vegetarian Tyrosine
Golden Seal Thymo-Immune Aller-Lung Support
Gotu Kola Complex Advanced Joint Complex Libida-Life
Gut Flora Complex Probio-Zyme-Yst Probio-Zyme-Yst
Gymnema Gluco-Sugar-Balance Gluco-Sugar-Balance
Hawthorn Co-Q10 Cardio Co-Q10 Cardio
Herbal Throat Spray Phytosyn. Conga-Immune Aller-Lung Support and Zinc Complex
HerbaVital Herbal Antioxidant or Libida-Life Herbal Antioxidant or Libida-Life
HiPep Digesti-Pan Pro-Enzymes
Horsechestnut Complex Metabolic Thyro Herbal Antioxidant
Kava Forte Restful Mind Support Vegetarian Tryptophan
LivCo Liva-DeTox & Support Pro-Enzymes, plus Green Vegetable Alkalizer
Livton Complex Liva-DeTox & Support Pro-Enzymes, plus Green Vegetable Alkalizer
Metabol Complex Gluco-Sugar-Balance Gluco-Sugar-Balance
Nervagenic Anxie-Tone or Restful Mind Support Vegetarian Tryptophan
Nevaton Anxie-Tone or Restful Mind Support Vegetarian Tryptophan
ProstaCo Prosta-Power Libida-Life
PulmaCo Aller-Lung Support or Simply Lung Aller-Lung Support
ResCo Intracellular Cough or Aller-Lung Support Aller-Lung Support
ResCo Phytosynergist Intracellular Cough or Aller-Lung Support Aller-Lung Support
Rhodiola & Ginseng Complex High Stress Adrenal Vegetarian Adrenal
Saligesic Inflam-Enzymes Inflam-Enzymes
Silymarin Liva-Detox & Support Herbal Antioxidant or Detox-N-Cleanse
St. John’s Wort Serious Brain Enhancer Vegetarian Tyrosine and/or Vegetarian Tryptophan
Thyroid Complex Metabolic Thyro or Migratrol Vegetarian Thyro
Tribulus Prosta-Power or Simply Ovary Libida-Life
UriCo Phytosynergist Arginase Bladder Vira-Bac-Yst
Valerian Complex Anxie-Tone or Restful Mind Support Vegetarian Tryptophan
Vitanox Herbal Antioxidant Herbal Antioxidant
Wild Yam Complex Le Feminine Advantage Libida-Life
Withania Complex Anxie-Tone or Restful Mind Support Vegetarian Tryptophan
Wormwood Complex Para-Dysbio-Zyme Para-Dysbio-Zyme

(*) Most of the product names are trademarks of the respective companies.  ** Product contains 4x more wheat germ oil per capsule than SP’s version.

Standard Process – Food Research: List of Product Equivalents

Standard Process (*) Food Research International Food Research International Vegetarian
AC Carbamide Uro-Kid Support Green Vegetable Alkalizer
Adrenal, Desiccated Simply Adrenal Vegetarian Adrenal
AF Betafood GB Support Pro-Enzymes
Albaplex Uro-Kid Support Green Vegetable Alkalizer
Allerplex Aller-Lung Support Aller-Lung Support
Antronex Aller-Lung Support Aller-Lung Support
Arginex Arginase Bladder Green Vegetable Alkalizer
B-6 – Niacinamide B Stress Complex B Stress Complex
Betacol GB Support Pro-Enzymes
Betafood GB Support Pro-Enzymes
Betaine Hydrochloride Digesti-Pan Pro-Enzymes
Biodent Cal-Mag Complex Cal-Mag Complex
Biost Conga-Immune Cal-Mag Complex Cal-Mag Complex
Calcifood Cal-Mag Complex Cal-Mag Complex
Calcium Lactate Calcium Complex Calcium Complex
Calsol Cal-Mag Complex Cal-Mag Complex
Cardio-Plus Cardio-Power CoQ10-Cardio
Cardiotrophin PMG Simply Cardio CoQ10-Cardio
Catalyn Vitamin-Mineral Vitamin-Mineral
Catalyn Chewable Vitamin-Mineral Shake Vitamin-Mineral Shake
Cataplex A-C-P C Complex, plus Vira-Bac-YST C Complex, plus Vira-Bac-YST
Cataplex B B Stress Complex B Stress Complex
Cataplex B12 Vitamin B-6, B-12 & Folate Vitamin B-6, B-12 & Folate
Cataplex C C Complex C Complex
Cataplex D D Complex D Complex
Cataplex E Selenium E Selenium E
Cataplex E2 Selenium E Selenium E
Cataplex F Omega 3/EPA/DHA Wheat Germ Oil E
Cataplex GTF Gluco-Sugar-Balance Gluco-Sugar-Balance
Chezyn Zinc Complex, plus Simply Liver Zinc Complex
Chlorophyl Complex Green Vegetable Alkalizer Green Vegetable Alkalizer
Cholachol GB Support Pro-Enzymes
Cholachol II GB Support, plus Aller-Lung Support Pro-Enzymes, plus Aller-Lung Support
Cholaplex Cholester-Right or Nattokinase Cholester-Right or Nattokinase
Circuplex Anxie-Tone Vegetarian Adrenal
Congaplex Conga-Immune Vira-Bac-YST, plus C Complex
Collagen C C Complex, plus Advanced Joint Complex C Complex
Collinsonia Root GB Support Pro-Enzymes, plus Magnesium Complex
Cruciferous Complete Green Vegetable Alkalizer Green Vegetable Alkalizer
Cyrofood Simply Liver, plusVitamin-Mineral Shake Vitamin-Mineral Shake
Cyruta Vira-Bac-YST, plus Nattokinase Vira-Bac-YST, plus Nattokinase
Cyruta Plus Vira-Bac-YST Vira-Bac-YST
Dermatrophin PMG Advanced Joint Complex Herbal Antioxidant
Diaplex Digesti-Pan Pro-Enzymes
Disodium Phosphate GB Support Pro-Enzymes
Drenamin Vegetarian Adrenal Vegetarian Adrenal
Drenatropin PMG Simply Adrenal Vegetarian Adrenal
Echinacea-C Thymo-Immune C Complex, plus Vira-Bac-YST
Emphaplex Intracellular Cough, plus Simply Lung Aller-Lung Support
e-Poise Vitamin-Mineral Shake Vitamin-Mineral Shake
Fen-Cho GB Support Pro-Enzymes
Fen-Gre Aller-Lung Support Aller-Lung Support
Ferrofood Hematic Formula Hematic Formula
Folic Acid B12 Vitamin B-6, B-12, & Folate Vitamin B-6, B-12, & Folate
For-Til B12 Complete Ear Health Vitamin B-6, B-12, & Folate
Gastrex Digesti-Pan Pro-Enzymes
Ginko Synergy Serious Brain Enhancer Vegetarian Tyrosine, plus Herbal Antioxidant
Glucosamine Synergy Advanced Joint Complex Inflam-Enzymes
Hepatrophin PMG Simply Liver Pro-Enzyme, plus Green Vegetable Alkalizer
Hypothalamus PMG Simply Hypothalamus or Anxie-Tone B Stress Complex, plus Vegetarian Adrenal
Hypothalamex Restful Mind Support Vegetarian Tryptophan, B Stress Complex
Immuplex Thymo-Immune Vira-Bac-YST
Iodomere Metabolic Thyro Vegetarian Thyro
Iplex Complete Eye Health Herbal Antioxidant, Vitamin-Mineral
Lact-Enz Probio-Zyme-Yst Probio-Zyme-Yst or Pro-Enzymes (vegan)
Lactic Acid Yeast Probio-Zyme-Yst Probio-Zyme-Yst or Pro-Enzymes (vegan)
Ligaplex I Cal-Mag Complex Cal-Mag Complex
Ligaplex II Advanced Joint Complex, plus Inflam-Enzymes Inflam-Enzymes
Linum B-6 Omega 3/EPA/DHA, plus Vitamin B-6, B-12, & Folate Wheat Germ Oil E, plus Vitamin B-6, B-12, & Folate
Livaplex Liva DeTox & Support Detox-N-Cleanse
Magnesium Lactate Magnesium Complex Magnesium Complex
Mammary PMG Simply Mammary Libida-Life
Manganese B-12 Inflam-Enzymes, plus Vitamin B6, B-12 & Folate Inflam-Enzymes, plus Vitamin B6, B-12 & Folate
Min-Chex Serious Brain Enhancer, plus Simply Orchic Cal-Mag Complex
Min-Tran Anxie-Tone plus, Cal-Mag Complex Cal-Mag Complex, plus Vitamin B-6, B-12, & Folate and Vegetarian Tryptophan
Multi-Zyme Digesti-Pan Pro-Enzymes, plus Para-Dysbio-Zyme
Myo-Plus Cardio-Power Co-Q10 Cardio
Myotrophin PMG Simply Cardio Co-Q10 Cardio
Neuroplex Serious Brain Enhancer Vegetarian Tyrosine, Vegetarian Adrenal
Neurotrophin PMG Serious Brain Enhancer Vegetarian Tryptophan, Vegetarian Adrenal
Niacinamide B-6 B Stress Complex B Stress Complex
Nutrimere Metabolic Thyro Vegetarian Thyro
Oculotrophin PMG Complete Eye Health Herbal Antioxidant
Okra Pepsin Digesti-Pan Pro-Enzymes
Organically Bound Minerals Vitamin-Mineral Shake Vitamin-Mineral Shake
OPC Synergy Herbal Antioxidant Herbal Antioxidant
Orchex Simply Orchic Libida-Life
Orchic PMG Simply Orchic Libida-Life
Ostarplex Cal-Mag Complex Cal-Mag Complex
Ostrophin PMG Cal-Mag Complex Cal-Mag Complex
Ovatrophin PMG Simply Ovary Libida-Life
Ovex Simply Ovary or Le Feminine Advantage Libida-Life
Palmettoplex Prosta-Power Libida-Life
Pancreatrophin PMG Simply Pancreas Pro-Enzymes
Paraplex Simply Pancreas, plus Migratrol Pro-Enzymes, plus Magnesium Complex
Parotid PMG Complete Smell & Taste Zinc Complex, plus Magnesium Complex
Phytolyn Green Vegetable Alkalizer Green Vegetable Alkalizer
Pituitrophin PGM Migratrol Vegetarian Thyro
Pneumotrophin PMG Simply Lung Aller-Lung Support
Prolamine Iodine Vegetarian Thyro Vegetarian Thyro
Prost-X Prosta-Power Libida-Life, plus Zinc Complex, Vitamin-Mineral
Prostate PMG Prosta-Power Libida-Life plus Zinc Complex
Proteofood Digesti-Pan, plus Para-Dysbio-Zyme Pro-Enzymes, plus Para-Dysbio-Zyme
Renafood Arginase Bladder Vegetarian Adrenal, plus Vitamin-Mineral Shake
Renatrophin PMG Uro-Kid Support Vegetarian Adrenal, plus Vitamin-Mineral Shake
Ribonucleic Acid Serious Brain Enhancer Vegetarian Tyrosine, Vegetarian Adrenal
Rumaplex Advanced Joint Complex Cal-Mag Complex
Senaplex Restful Mind Support Vegetrain Tryptophan
Sesame Seed Oil Omega 3/EPA/DHA, plus Green Vegetable Alkalizer Green Vegetable Alkalizer, plus Wheat Germ Oil E
SP Cleanse Detox- N-Cleanse Detox- N-Cleanse
SP Complete Vitamin-Mineral Shake Vitamin-Mineral Shake
SP Green Food Green Vegetable Alkalizeror Vitamin-Mineral Shake Green Vegetable Alkalizer or Vitamin-Mineral Shake
Spanish Black Radish GB Support Probio-Zyme-Yst
Spleen Desiccated Simply Spleen Detox-N-Cleanse
Spleen PMG Simply Spleen Detox-N-Cleanse
Super EFF Omega 3/EPA/DHA Wheat Germ Oil E
Symplex F Le Feminine Advantage Libida-Life
Symplex M Prosta-Power Libida-Life
Thymex Thymo-Immune Vira-Bac-YST
Thymus PMG Simply Thymus Vira-Bac-YST
Thytrophin PMG Simply Thyroid Vegetarian Thyro
Trace Minerals- B12 Vitamin-Mineral Shake Vitamin-Mineral Shake
Tuna Omega-3 Oil Omega 3/EPA/DHA Wheat Germ Oil E
Utrophin PMG Simply Uterus Libida-Life
Vasculin Cardio-Power Vitamin B-6, B12, & Folate, plus Co-Q10 Cardio
Wheat Germ Oil Wheat Germ Oil Wheat Germ Oil
Wheat Germ Oil Fortified Wheat Germ Oil ** Wheat Germ Oil
Whey Pro-Complete Vitamin-Mineral Shake Vitamin-Mineral Shake
Whole Food Fiber Vitamin-Mineral Shake Vitamin-Mineral Shake
Zinc Liver Chelate Simply Liver, plus Zinc Complex Zinc Complex, plus Pro-Enzymes
Zymex Probio-Zyme-Yst Probio-Zyme-Yst
Zymex II Para-Dysbio-Zyme Para-Dysbio-Zyme
Zypan Digesti-Pan Pro-Enzymes

(*) Most of the product names are trademarks of the respective companies.  ** Product contains 4x more wheat germ oil per capsule than SP’s version.

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