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Explains modalities used to promote healing, such as homeopathy, herbology, manipulations, etc.

Serious Nutrition Book

426 Pages | $89.99

Incorporate Clinically Effective Nutrition into Your Practice. The most complete step by step guide.

Do you know what vitamins and minerals do for the human body? Are there some forms of vitamins and minerals better than others?


  • Vitamin-Mineral Brochure (50 copies)
    Vitamin-Mineral Brochure (50 copies) $30.00

    98.97% of consumed Vitamins are made up of synthetics or rocks, Food Research Products are FOOD, all FOOD, and nothing but FOOD!

    Unlike synthetic products, our supplements contain the enzymes and peptides found in living foods. The vitamins and minerals are cold-processed. Our vitamin and mineral products stay below 100°F, hence they are considered to be “raw.”

    This brochure will show you "How To Read Your Vitamin Labels."

  • STOP Chemicals Brochure (50 copies)
    STOP Chemicals Brochure (50 copies) $30.00

    Should Your Vitamin and Mineral Supplements Be Made from 100% FOOD or Industrial Chemicals?

    Amazingly, 98.97% of people who take so-called ‘natural’ vitamin products are taking vitamins that are composed of petroleum-derivatives, oils, hydrogenated acetone-processed sugars, and/or irradiated animal fats. And nearly all of the people who take mineral products are taking minerals which are crushed rocks processed with industrial chemicals (like those shown in this brochure).

    In this brochure, discover the Truth About So-Called “Natural” Vitamins & Minerals.

  • RNA Brochure (50 copies)
    RNA Brochure (50 copies) $30.00

    Reflex Nutrition Assessment, otherwise known as RNA, is an ancillary form of nutrition assessment. It is a natural, non-invasive method of assessing the nutritional needs of the human body. It is a technique used to assess nutrition status by observing the response of muscles under externally-provided human force.

    Although it is similar to other forms of muscle testing (deltoid kinesiology), it has many unique applications and has been demonstrated to have a high degree of accuracy. If after reading this pamphlet, you have any unanswered questions concerning how RNA can help you or a family member, please speak with the healthcare professional who provided this RNA pamphlet.


  • RNA Chart - Poster
    RNA Chart - Poster $35.00

    Shows reflex points and nutrient formulas associated with them.

    This chart can be used by doctors who do, or do not, "muscle test" as it shows nutritional products to support various healthy systems in the human body. For those that do muscle test, “-” refers to ulnar and “+” refers to palmar reflexes. The term DIRECT refers to a position where a problem is apparently existing and NOT a reflex show on this chart.

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