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Calcium Lactate™ +

$ 30
180 Capsules
  • Provides calcium
  • Provides magnesium
  • Supports mineral absorption


$ 40
180 Tablets
  • Chewable calcium
  • Supports healthy bones & teeth
  • Supports healthy gums


$ 25
90 Capsules
  • Supports healthy mood
  • and healthy nervous system
  • Provides lithium

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The TRUTH About GLANDULARS In Nutritional Supplements

Some natural health products contain glandular ingredients and many doctors have used glandulars for years with great success.  Glandular organs, such as heart, aorta, and liver, have been a food source in the human diet for centuries. The consumption of glandulars is believed to provide nutritional support to the corresponding gland in the human body. Glandular organs contain food vitamins and minerals and were often used in the past to supply various nutrients.

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