SP's E-Z Mg™ vs. FR's Magnesium Complex

Standard Process’ Rep for Southern California sent out a newsletter attacking one of Food Research’s supplement labels. The writer basically claimed that Food Research’s food magnesium supplement was too good to be true. Once the Standard Process Rep for Southern California was shown the evidence, the writer was persuaded it was necessary to issue a formal retraction.

According to the label on Standard Process E-Z Mag, six E-Z Mag tablets provide 70 mg of magnesium. If one were to take six tablets of Food Research Magnesium Complex, one would consume 260 mg of food magnesium.

Thus, Food Research Magnesium Complex provides over 3.7 times more magnesium per tablet than E-Z Mag by Standard Process. Magnesium Complex also naturally contains potassium, as do all foods, however potassium is not legally required to be listed on labels. 

Food Research supplements are clearly superior. All Food Research nutrients are 100% whole food.

As far as we know, Food Research, International LLC (whose products we at Doctors’ Research Inc. distribute) remains the only professionally-oriented vitamin and mineral company whose products have never contained any USP isolated vitamin (analogues) nor any inorganic industrial chemical salts for minerals.

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The letters from the Standard Process Rep for Southern California are shown on the right.

The original article from one of Standard Process Rep for Southern California Newsletter in MAY 2021.

Standard Process Rep for Southern California retraction notice on their Newsletter.

100% FOOD nutrients, such as are
in Catalyst Complex™ are superior to Catalyn®.

Catalyn® contains six chemical vitamin additives and three processed rocks (Catalyn®, Product Bulletins, 1953) (mineral salts). A careful reading of the label shows that Catalyn® contains vitamin isolates as the primary source of each of the claimed nutrients.​

All Catalyst Complex™ nutrients are in the same chemical forms as food which makes them better absorbed, utilized and retained by the human body (Medical Hypotheses, 2000; 55(6):461-469).

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