Product Equivalents


No two products are identical if made by different manufacturers and some are more “equivalent” than others. Unlike Nutri-West, Food Research products, for example, do not contain any isolated USP vitamins nor industrial mineral salt ‘nutrients.’ Also, Standard Process Laboratories sometimes uses porcine glandulars, USP vitamins, claimed mineral salts, and/or colors, whereas none of these are in Food Research International products. 

It should be noted that Standard Process uses its trademarked term “Protomorphogen” (which it abbreviates PMG) for some items and Food Research International uses the term Cytotrophin (the original term that Royal Lee received his patents with, but that Food Research International has permission to use), for some similar items.

As a general rule, products listed below as “Vegetarian” can take longer to notice efficacy in  some cases than those with glandulars. Because Food Research nutrients are ALWAYS 100% FOOD and the other brands are not, Food Research products are always better in that way to products that seem to be ‘equivalent.’ 

Nutri-West (*)Food Research InternationalFood Research Int’l Vegetarian
Adreno-Lyph-160Simply AdrenalVegetarian Adrenal
Adreno-Lyph-ParaHigh Stress AdrenalVegetarian Adrenal
Adreno-Lyph-SymAnxie-ToneVegetarian Adrenal
AllerhaleAller-Lung SupportAller-Lung Support
Amino AllIntracellular CoughVitamin-Mineral Shake
AnxiolixAnxie-ToneVegetarian Tryptophan
Aspartic ChromGluco-Sugar-BalanceGluco-Sugar-Balance
Aspartic MagMagnesium ComplexMagnesium Complex
Aspartic Multi-MinVitamin-MineralVitamin-Mineral
B ComplexB Stress ComplexB Stress Complex
Beta-C-TRC ComplexC Complex
Biostress-BAnxie-ToneB Stress Complex
Black Currant Seed OilLe Feminine AdvantageWheat Germ Oil E
Black WalnutPara-Dysbio-ZymePara-Dysbio-Zyme
Brain PlusSerious Brain EnhancerVegetarian Tyrosine
C-1000-TRC ComplexC Complex
CAL-MAG 1:1Calcium Complex and Magnesium ComplexCalcium Complex and Magnesium Complex
Calcium LactateCal-Mag ComplexCal-Mag Complex
Chewable C-500C ComplexC Complex
China West #6 Xanthium FormulaVira-ChronVira-Chron
ChloroplexGreen Vegetable AlkalizerGreen Vegetable Alkalizer
CLM-NRVAnxie-ToneVegetarian Tryptophan
Co Q 10-PlusCoQ10-CardioCoQ10-Cardio
Complete Brain ChargeSerious Brain EnhancerVegetarian Tyrosine
Complete Child DHA/EPAOmega 3 EPA/DHAWheat Germ Oil E
Complete NeuroAnxie-ToneVegetarian Tryptophan
Core Level AdrenalHigh Stress AdrenalVegetarian Adrenal
Core Level BileGB SupportPro-Enzymes
Core Level Bone MatrixCal-Mag ComplexCal-Mag Complex
Core Level C-TRHerbal AntioxidantC Complex
Core Level D-ToxDetox-N-CleanseDetox-N-Cleanse
Core Level Health ReserveVitamin-MineralVitamin-Mineral
Core Level HeartCardio-PowerCoQ10-Cardio
Core Level Kidney.Uro-Kid SupportGreen Vegetable Alkalizer
Core Level LiverLiva-Detox & SupportDetox-N-Cleanse
Core Level LungSimply Lung, plus Aller-Lung SupportAller-Lung Support
Core Level MagnesiumMagnesium ComplexMagnesium Complex
Core Level ManganeseCal-Mag ComplexCal-Mag Complex
Core Level OrchicProsta-Power or Simply OrchicLibida-Life, plus Zinc Complex
Core Level OvaryLe Feminine Advantage or Simply OvaryLibida-Life
Core Level PancreasDigesti-Pan or Simply PancreasPro-Enzymes
Core Level PituitaryMigratrolVegetarian Thyro
Core Level PotassiumUro-Kid Support or Green Vegetable AlkalizerGreen Vegetable Alkalizer
Core Level ProstateProsta-PowerLibida-Life, plus Zinc Complex
Core Level RNASerious Brain EnhancerVegetarian Tryptophan
Core Level ThymusThymo-ImmuneVira-Bac-Yst
Core Level ThyroMetabolic Thyro or Vegetarian ThyroVegetarian Thyro
Core Level UterusLe Feminine Advantage or Simply UterusLibida-Life
Core Level ZincHerbal Antioxidant or Zinc ComplexHerbal Antioxidant or Zinc Complex
DHEA-25High Stress Adrenal or Simply AdrenalVegetarian Adrenal
Digest PlusDigesti-PanPro-Enzymes
DIU-PlusArginase Bladder or Uro-Kid SupportGreen Vegetable Alkalizer
DSF FormulaAnxie-ToneVegetarian Adrenal
E-TocotrienolsSelenium ESelenium E
EchinaceaConga-ImmuneVira-Bac-Yst and Zinc Complex
Enzyme ForteSimply PancreasPro-Enzymes
Eyebright PlusComplete Eye HealthHerbal Antioxidant
F-ComplexOmega 3 EPA/DHAWheat Germ Oil E
Fem-PlusLe Feminine AdvantageLibida-Life
Ferrous-FumaroHematic FormulaHematic Formula
#3 GB-LIVGB SupportPro-Enzymes
GB-PlusGB SupportPro-Enzymes
GH-CholineCholine ComplexCholine Complex
Glan-Plus-FLe Feminine AdvantageLibida-Life
Greens Renew PowderVitamin-Mineral ShakeVitamin-Mineral Shake
Hemo-LyphHematic FormulaHematic Formula
Homocysteine ReduxVitamin B-6, B-12, & FolateVitamin B-6, B-12, & Folate
Hyper-DPro-Enzymes, plus Simply PancreasPro-Enzymes
Iodine RescueVegetarian ThyroVegetarian Thyro
ISB FormulaThymo-Immune or Intracellular CoughVira-Bac-Yst, plus Vitamin-Mineral
Liga-PNInflam-Enzymes or Advanced Joint ComplexInflam-Enzymes or Cal-Mag Complex
Lipotrophic PlusCholester-RightCholester-Right
Liva-LyphSimply LiverPro-Enzymes
LNG RESPSimply Lung, plus Aller-Lung SupportAller-Lung Support
LIV-GB PlusGB SupportPro-Enzymes
L-Tyrosine-SVegetarian TyrosineVegetarian Tyrosine
Magnesium ChelateMagnesium ComplexMagnesium Complex
MenopauseLe Feminine AdvantageLibida-Life
Multi-Gland ComplexIntracellular CoughVitamin-Mineral Shake
Ovary-Lyph-FSimply OvaryLibida-Life
Pan-LyphSimply PancreasPro-Enzymes
Pan-Lyph ChelateSimply Pancreas, plus Zinc ComplexPro-Enzymes
Parotid-LyphComplete Smell & TasteZinc Complex, plus Magnesium Complex
Pineal LyphRestful Mind SupportVegetarian Tryptophan
Pit-Lyph-AnteriorMigratrolVegetarian Thyro
Pit-Lyph-WholeMigratrolVegetarian Thyro
Pre/Post NatalVitamin-MineralVitamin-Mineral
Pro-Cortisol BalanceAnxie-Tone or Restful Mind SupportVegetarian Tryptophan
Prosta-PlusProsta-PowerLibida-Life, plus Zinc Complex
Prostate SupportProsta-PowerLibida-Life, plus Zinc Complex
RNA-DNA-PlusSerious Brain EnhancerVegetarian Tryptophan, plus Selenium E
Rutin PlusHerbal Antioxidant or Vira-Bac-YstHerbal Antioxidant or Vira-Bac-Yst
Sago-C-500C ComplexC Complex
Selenium ChelateSelenium ESelenium E
Sino-Lung FormulaVira-Bac-Yst or Aller-Lung SupportVira-Bac-Yst or Aller-Lung Support
Spleeno-LyphSimply SpleenDetox-N-Cleanse
T-LyphSimply ThyroidVegetarian Thyro
Thymo-LyphSimply ThymusVira-Bac-Yst
Thyro-PlusVegetarian ThyroVegetarian Thyro
Tillandsia B12Complete Ear HealthVitamin B-6, B-12, & Folate
Total 5-HTPRestful Mind SupportVegetarian Tryptophan
Total EnzymesPro-EnzymePro-Enzymes
Total Eyebright CComplete Ear HealthHerbal Antioxidant
Total Eyebright MComplete Eye HealthHerbal Antioxidant
Total Fem-BalLe Feminine AdvantageLibida-Life
Total Flu-Cdl #1Thymo-ImmuneVira-Bac-Yst
Total GreenGreen Vegetable Alkalizer or Vitamin-Mineral ShakeGreen Vegetable Alkalizer or Vitamin-Mineral Shake
Total HeartCardio-PowerCoQ10-Cardio
Total Leaky GutProbio-Zyme-YstProbio-Zyme-Yst
Total LipotrophicCholester-RightCholester-Right
Total Liver D-ToxLiva-Detox & SupportDetox-N-Cleanse
Total MaleProsta-PowerLibida-Life, plus Zinc Complex
Total MultimmuneThymo-ImmuneVira-Bac-Yst
Total ProbioticsProbio-Zyme-YstProbio-Zyme-Yst
Total Systemic D-toxDetox-N-CleanseDetox-N-Cleanse
Total Thyroid #2Metabolic ThyroVegetarian Thyro
Total VR-XVira-ChronVira-Chron
Total Yst ReduxProbio-Zyme-YstProbio-Zyme-Yst
Trace Min PlusVitamin-MineralVitamin-Mineral
#12 UR-KidArginase BladderGreen Vegetable Alkalizer
Uro-BacUro-Kid SupportGreen Vegetable Alkalizer
Vitamin D3-400D ComplexD Complex
Whole System Fem-HLe Feminine AdvantageLibida-Life
Whole System Histo-ZymAller-Lung SupportAller-Lung Support
Whole System Intra-BacIntracellular CoughVira-Bac-Yst
Whole System KidneyUro-Kid SupportGreen Vegetable Alkalizer
Whole System LiverLiva-Detox & SupportDetox-N-Cleanse
Whole System Thymus ComplexThymo-ImmuneVira-Bac-Yst
Whole System YstGB SupportProbio-Zyme-Yst
Zinc ChelateZinc ComplexZinc Complex
Medi-Herb (*) Food Research International Food Research Int’l Vegetarian
Adrenal Complex Vegetarian Adrenal Vegetarian Adrenal
Albizia Complex Aller-Lung Support Aller-Lung Support
Bacopa Complex Serious Brain Enhancer Vegetarian Tyrosine
Bilberry Complete Eye Health Herbal Antioxidant
Bone Complex Cal-Mag Complex Cal-Mag Complex
Boswellia Complex Uro-Kid Support Herbal Antioxidant
Broncafect Intracellular Cough Aller-Lung Support
Broncafect Phytosynergist Intracellular Cough Aller-Lung Support
Burdock Complex Para-Dysbio-Zyme Para-Dysbio-Zyme
Capsella Complex Phytosynergist Vegetarian Thyro and Simply Uterus Vegetarian Thyro and Magnesium Complex
Cat’s Claw Forte Aller-Lung Support Aller-Lung Support or Green Vegetable Alkalizer
Chaste Tree Le Feminine Advantage Vegetarian Thyro
ChelaCo Detox-N-Cleanse Detox-N-Cleanse
Colax GB Support Green Vegetable Alkalizer
Coleus Forte Metabolic Thyro Vegetarian Thyro
Cramplex Simply Thyroid Magnesium Complex
Cranberry Complex Arginase Bladder Vira-Bac-Yst
DermaCo Liva-DeTox & Support Detox-N-Cleanse
DiGest Digesti-Pan Pro-Enzymes
DiGest Phytosynergist Digesti-Pan Pro-Enzymes
Echinacea Premium Conga-Immune Vira-Bac-Yst and Zinc Complex
Eleuthero Anxie-Tone Vegetarian Tryptophan
Euphrasia Complex Thymo-Immune or Complete Eye Health Aller-Lung Support
Evening Primrose Oil Le Feminine Advantage Wheat Germ Oil E
Fe-Max Iron Tonic Phytosyn. Hematic Formula Hematic Formula
FemCo Le Feminine Advantage Libida-Life
Ganoderma & Shiitake Conga-Immune Vira-Bac-Yst and Zinc Complex
Garlic Forte Cholester-Right Cholester-Right
Ginkgo Forte Serious Brain Enhancer Vegetarian Tyrosine
Golden Seal Thymo-Immune Aller-Lung Support
Gotu Kola Complex Advanced Joint Complex Libida-Life
Gut Flora Complex Probio-Zyme-Yst Probio-Zyme-Yst
Gymnema Gluco-Sugar-Balance Gluco-Sugar-Balance
Hawthorn Co-Q10 Cardio Co-Q10 Cardio
Herbal Throat Spray Phytosyn. Conga-Immune Aller-Lung Support and Zinc Complex
HerbaVital Herbal Antioxidant or Libida-Life Herbal Antioxidant or Libida-Life
HiPep Digesti-Pan Pro-Enzymes
Horsechestnut Complex Metabolic Thyro Herbal Antioxidant
Kava Forte Restful Mind Support Vegetarian Tryptophan
LivCo Liva-DeTox & Support Pro-Enzymes, plus Green Vegetable Alkalizer
Livton Complex Liva-DeTox & Support Pro-Enzymes, plus Green Vegetable Alkalizer
Nervagenic Anxie-Tone or Restful Mind Support Vegetarian Tryptophan
Nevaton Anxie-Tone or Restful Mind Support Vegetarian Tryptophan
ProstaCo Prosta-Power Libida-Life
PulmaCo Aller-Lung Support or Simply Lung Aller-Lung Support
ResCo Intracellular Cough or Aller-Lung Sup. Aller-Lung Support
ResCo Phytosynergist Intracellular Cough or Aller-Lung Sup. Aller-Lung Support
Rhodiola & Ginseng Complex High Stress Adrenal Vegetarian Adrenal
Saligesic Inflam-Enzymes Inflam-Enzymes
Silymarin Liva-Detox & Support Herbal Antioxidant or Detox-N-Cleanse
St. John’s Wort Serious Brain Enhancer Vegetarian Tyrosine and/or Vegetarian Tryptophan
Thyroid Complex Metabolic Thyro or Migratrol Vegetarian Thyro
Tribulus Prosta-Power or Simply Ovary Libida-Life
UriCo Phytosynergist Arginase Bladder Vira-Bac-Yst
Valerian Complex Anxie-Tone or Restful Mind Support Vegetarian Tryptophan
Vitanox Herbal Antioxidant Herbal Antioxidant
Wild Yam Complex Le Feminine Advantage Libida-Life
Withania Complex Anxie-Tone or Restful Mind Support Vegetarian Tryptophan
Wormwood Complex Para-Dysbio-Zyme Para-Dysbio-Zyme
(*) Most of the product names are trademarks of the respective companies. ** Product contains 4x more wheat germ oil per capsule than SP’s version.
Standard Process (*)Food Research InternationalFood Research Int’l Vegetarian
AC CarbamideUro-Kid SupportGreen Vegetable Alkalizer
Adrenal, DesiccatedSimply AdrenalVegetarian Adrenal
AF BetafoodBeetafood, GB SupportPro-Enzymes
AlbaplexUro-Kid SupportGreen Vegetable Alkalizer
AllerplexAller-Lung SupportAller-Lung Support
AntronexAller-Lung Support, Simply LiverAller-Lung Support
ArginexArginase BladderGreen Vegetable Alkalizer
B-6 - NiacinamideB Stress ComplexB Stress Complex
BetacolGB SupportPro-Enzymes
Betaine HydrochlorideDigesti-PanPro-Enzymes
Biodent1Cal-Mag ComplexCal-Mag Complex
Biost1Cal-Mag Complex, Conga-ImmuneCal-Mag Complex
Calcifood2Cal-Mag ComplexCal-Mag Complex
Calcium Lactate3Calcium ComplexCalcium Complex
Cal-Ma PlusParathyroid PlusCal-Mag Complex
CalsolCal-Mag ComplexCal-Mag Complex
Cardiotrophin PMGSimply CardioCoQ10-Cardio
CatalynCatalyst Complex or Vitamin-Mineral Vitamin-Mineral 
Catalyn ChewableVitamin-Mineral ShakeVitamin-Mineral Shake
Cataplex A-C-PA-C-P ComplexC Complex, plus Vira-Bac-YST
Cataplex BComplex BB Stress Complex
Cataplex B-12Vitamin B-6, B-12 & FolateVitamin B-6, B-12 & Folate
Cataplex CC ComplexC Complex
Cataplex DD ComplexD Complex
Cataplex ESelenium E, plus Simply LiverSelenium E
Cataplex E2Selenium E, plus Simply LiverSelenium E
Cataplex FOmega 3/EPA/DHAWheat Germ Oil E
Cataplex GG ComplexB Stress Complex
Cataplex GTFGluco-Sugar-BalanceGluco-Sugar-Balance
Cayenne PepperAdvanced Joint ComplexDetox-N-Cleanse
ChezynZinc Complex, plus Simply LiverZinc Complex
Chlorophyl ComplexGreen Vegetable AlkalizerGreen Vegetable Alkalizer
CholacholGB SupportPro-Enzymes
Cholachol IIGB Support, plus Aller-Lung SupportPro-Enzymes, plus Aller-Lung Support
CholaplexGB Support or NattokinaseCholester-Right or Nattokinase
CholineCholine ComplexCholine Complex
CircuplexAnxie-ToneVegetarian Adrenal
CongaplexConga-ImmuneVira-Chron, plus C Complex
Collagen CC Complex, plus Advanced Joint ComplexC Complex
Collinsonia RootGB SupportPro-Enzymes, plus Magnesium Complex
Cruciferous CompleteGreen Vegetable AlkalizerGreen Vegetable Alkalizer
CyrofoodSimply Liver, plus Vitamin-Mineral ShakeVitamin-Mineral Shake
CyrutaVira-Bac-YST, plus NattokinaseVira-Bac-YST, plus Nattokinase
Cyruta PlusVira-Bac-YSTVira-Bac-YST
Dermatrophin PMGAdvanced Joint ComplexHerbal Antioxidant
DiaplexDigesti-Pan plus Gluco-Sugar-BalancePro-Enzymes plus Gluco-Sugar-Balance
Disodium PhosphateGB SupportPro-Enzymes plus Gluco-Sugar-Balance
DrenaminHigh Stress AdrenalVegetarian Adrenal
Drenatropin PMGSimply AdrenalVegetarian Adrenal
Echinacea-CThymo-ImmuneC Complex, plus Vira-Bac-YST
e-ManganeseMigratrol plus Selenium EVegetarian Thyro
EmphaplexIntracellular Cough plus Simply LungAller-Lung Support
e-PoiseVitamin-Mineral ShakeVitamin-Mineral Shake
Fen-ChoGB SupportPro-Enzymes
Fen-GreAller-Lung SupportAller-Lung Support
FerrofoodHematic FormulaHematic Formula
Folic Acid B12Vitamin B-6, B-12, & FolateVitamin B-6, B-12, & Folate
For-Til B12Complete Ear HealthVitamin B-6, B-12, & Folate
Ginko SynergySerious Brain EnhancerVegetarian Tyrosine plus Herbal Antioxidant
Glucosamine SynergyAdvanced Joint ComplexInflam-Enzymes
Hepatrophin PMGSimply LiverPro-Enzyme plus Green Vegetable Alkalizer
Hypothalamus PMGHypothalamus EMG or Simply HypothalamusB Stress Complex plus Vegetarian Adrenal
HypothalamexRestful Mind SupportVegetarian Tryptophan, B Stress Complex
InositolInositol ComplexInositol Complex
IodomereMetabolic ThyroVegetarian Thyro
IplexComplete Eye HealthHerbal Antioxidant, Vitamin-Mineral
Lact-EnzProbio-Zyme-YstProbio-Zyme-Yst or Pro-Enzymes (vegan)
Lactic Acid YeastProbio-Zyme-YstProbio-Zyme-Yst or Pro-Enzymes (vegan)
Ligaplex ICal-Mag Complex plus Inflam-EnzymesCal-Mag Complex plus Inflam-Enzymes
Ligaplex IIAdvanced Joint Complex, plus Inflam-EnzymesInflam-Enzymes
Linum B-6Omega 3/EPA/DHA, plus Vitamin B-6, B-12, & FolateWheat Germ Oil E, plus Vitamin B-6, B-12, & Folate
LivaplexLiva DeTox & SupportDetox-N-Cleanse
Magnesium LactateMagnesium ComplexMagnesium Complex
Mammary PMGSimply MammaryLibida-Life
Manganese B-12Cal-Mag Complex plus Vitamin B6, B-12 & FolateCal-Mag Complex plus Vitamin B6, B-12 & Folate
Min-ChexNerve ChexCal-Mag Complex plus Vegetarian Thyro
Min-TranMineral TranCal-Mag Complex plus Vitamin B-6, B-12, & Folate and Vegetarian Tryptophan
Multi-ZymeDigesti-PanPro-Enzymes plus Para-Dysbio-Zyme
Myo-PlusCardio-PowerCo-Q10 Cardio
Myotrophin PMGSimply CardioCo-Q10 Cardio
NeuroplexSerious Brain EnhancerVegetarian Tyrosine, Vegetarian Adrenal
Neurotrophin PMGSerious Brain EnhancerVegetarian Tryptophan, Vegetarian Adrenal
Niacinamide B-6B Stress ComplexB Stress Complex
NutrimereMetabolic ThyroVegetarian Thyro
Oculotrophin PMGComplete Eye HealthHerbal Antioxidant
Okra PepsinDigesti-PanPro-Enzymes
OPC SynergyHerbal AntioxidantHerbal Antioxidant
OrchexSimply OrchicLibida-Life
Orchic PMGSimply OrchicLibida-Life
Organically Bound MineralsLand and Sea MineralsVitamin-Mineral Shake
Organic IodineVegetarian ThyroVegetarian Thyro
OstarplexCal-Mag ComplexCal-Mag Complex
Ostrophin PMGCal-Mag ComplexCal-Mag Complex
Ovatrophin PMGSimply Ovary or Le Feminine AdvantageLibida-Life
Ovex or Ovex-PSimply Ovary or Le Feminine AdvantageLibida-Life
Pancreatrophin PMGSimply PancreasPro-Enzymes
ParaplexSimply Pancreas plus MigratrolPro-Enzymes plus Magnesium Complex
Parotid PMGComplete Smell & TasteZinc Complex plus Magnesium Complex
PhytolynGreen Vegetable AlkalizerGreen Vegetable Alkalizer
Pituitrophin PGMPituitary EMGVegetarian Thyro
Pneumotrophin PMGSimply LungAller-Lung Support
Prolamine IodineVegetarian ThyroVegetarian Thyro
Prost-XProsta-PowerLibida-Life plus Zinc Complex
Prostate PMGProsta-PowerLibida-Life plus Zinc Complex
ProteofoodDigesti-Pan plus Para-Dysbio-ZymePro-Enzymes plus Para-Dysbio-Zyme
RenafoodArginase BladderVegetarian Adrenal plus Vitamin-Mineral Shake
Renatrophin PMGUro-Kid SupportVegetarian Adrenal plus Vitamin-Mineral Shake
Ribonucleic AcidSerious Brain EnhancerVegetarian Tyrosine, Vegetarian Adrenal
RumaplexAdvanced Joint ComplexCal-Mag Complex
SenaplexRestful Mind Support plus Vitamin-MineralVegetarian Tryptophan plus Vitamin-Mineral
Sesame Seed OilOmega 3/EPA/DHA plus Green Vegetable AlkalizerGreen Vegetable Alkalizer plus Wheat Germ Oil E
SP CleanseDetox- N-CleanseDetox- N-Cleanse
SP CompleteVitamin-Mineral ShakeVitamin-Mineral Shake
SP Green FoodGreen Vegetable Alkalizer or Vitamin-Mineral ShakeGreen Vegetable Alkalizer or Vitamin-Mineral Shake
Spanish Black RadishGB SupportProbio-Zyme-Yst
Spleen DesiccatedSimply SpleenDetox-N-Cleanse
Spleen PMGSpleen EMGDetox-N-Cleanse
St. John's WortAnxie-Tone or Serious Brain EnhancerVegetarian Tryptophan
Super EFFOmega 3/EPA/DHAWheat Germ Oil E
Symplex FLe Feminine AdvantageLibida-Life
Symplex MProsta-PowerLibida-Life
ThymexSimply ThymusVira-Bac-YST
Thymus PMGThymus EMGVira-Bac-YST
Thytrophin PMGThyroid EMGVegetarian Thyro
Trace Minerals- B12Vitamin-Mineral Shake or Land and Sea MineralsVitamin-Mineral Shake or Land and Sea Minerals
Tuna Omega-3 OilOmega 3/EPA/DHAWheat Germ Oil E
Utrophin PMGSimply UterusLibida-Life
VasculinCardio-PowerVitamin B-6, B12, & Folate, plus Co-Q10 Cardio
Wheat Germ OilWheat Germ OilWheat Germ Oil
Wheat Germ Oil FortifiedWheat Germ Oil **Wheat Germ Oil
Whey Pro-CompleteVitamin-Mineral ShakeVitamin-Mineral Shake
Whole Food FiberVitamin-Mineral ShakeVitamin-Mineral Shake
Zinc Liver ChelateSimply Liver plus Zinc ComplexZinc Complex plus Pro-Enzymes
Zymex IIPara-Dysbio-ZymePara-Dysbio-Zyme

1 Dento-Gums is more equivalent.

2 Calci-Chew is more equivalent.

3 Calcium Lactate + is more equivalent. All of these are available from Bioscience Formulas.

(*) Most of the product names are trademarks of the respective companies.

** Product contains 4x more wheat germ oil per capsule than SP’s version.

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