Natural Health Research, Robert Thiel, Ph.D

Research on alternative medicine, naturopathy, and holistic health on subjects including allergies, attention-deficit disorders, ADHD, bioelectrical stimulation, chronic fatigue, Down syndrome, fibromyalgia, FOOD nutrition, food supply, BEMER, headaches, infections, migraines, musculoskeletal pain, reflex nutrition assessment, special needs children, thyroid concerns, and zappers. This research is for naturopaths, medical doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturists, and other healthcare professionals. This information  is not specific for individuals–all possible applications need to be discussed with a thoroughly trained healthcare professional.

Dr. Thiel runs a clinic in Grover Beach, County of San Luis Obispo, California.  A recently published study found that he was able to help 929 of 945 Who Saw Dr. Thiel Reported Improvement

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