Most of your patients are consuming synthetic vitamins and industrially-processed rocks for nutrients, shouldn’t they get 100% food nutrients from you?

Yes, it is true!
of supplements consumed in the USA include synthetic vitamins and/or inorganic mineral salts.

Nutrients in foods, however, are superior to those and are better for supporting optimal health.

DOCTORS’ RESEARCH, Inc. has been distributing 100% food nutrient supplements to health care professionals since 1998.

Are you looking for a supplement supplier that:

  • Provides 100% food nutrient supplements
  • Has vegan and glandular products intended for health care professionals
  • Only supplies glandulars from New Zealand, Australia, and Argentina
  • Supplies vegan capsules for non-tableted, non-oil products
  • Never has any pork or shellfish in distributed products
  • Supplies products from a Kosher/Halal certified facility

If so, you should contact DOCTORS’ RESEARCH, Inc.
We can also supply you a FREE catalog with a ‘Chiro-Nutrition Chart.’

DOCTORS’ RESEARCH, Inc. would like to announce that we have a team of independent men and women, across the USA, who can assist you with nutritional education.

Adam Davis of Midwest Functional Medicine:
PH: 585-683-3048
Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Nebraska

Audrey Taylor of Clinical Nutrition Services:
PH: 615-830-8732
Alabama, Kentucky, and Mississippi

Ben Viola of Integrative Solutions of America:
PH: 617-469-1197 
Massachusetts, Rhode Island

Bethany Lafferty of Vitae Wellness Solutions:
PH: 425-405-5783
Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia

Chris (DC) & Melissa (ACN) Taylor of Whole Food Practice:
PH: 801-432-8869
Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Utah, and Wyoming

Chris Lippe of Functional Health and Longevity:
PH: 951-640-8092
Arizona and Southern California

Chris Burdick of Complete Wellness:
PH: 231-342-1321
Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, and Ohio

Curt Hamilton of Hamilton Colt:
PH: 214-995-9917
Arkansas, Tennessee, and Northern Texas

Dory Lewis of Vital Health Resources:
PH: 864-735-8545
North Carolina and South Carolina

Frank Wolfe of USAonlinehealth:
PH: 610-806-3249
New Jersey and West Virginia

Jeffrey Smith (DC) of Comprehensive Integrative Wellness:
PH: 585-233-7331
New York (except metro-NYC) and Pennsylvania

Jerry Morrison of Functional Medicine Consultants of Texas:
PH: 832-928-8888
Louisiana and Southern & Central Texas

Jim Hassett of Solely Practitioner:
PH: 805-660-7443
Email: Southern California and Las Vegas

Justin Toal of Aduco:
PH: 800-662-9134
Northern California and various other locations

Kristina Ginn of Midwest Practice Solutions:
PH: 314-518-9002
Minnesota, Missouri and Iowa

Lewis Ruffner of New England Nutritional Services:
PH: 603-686-1343 
Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont

Lisa Moore of Holistic Practitioner Network:
PH: 646-468-9821
Metropolitan New York City region and Connecticut

Liz Crowley of Wellness Journey:
PH: 561-654-4036
Email: Florida

Rich Laurino (DC) of Laurino Wellness:
PH: 443-243-3888
Delaware, District of Columbia, and Maryland

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